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There are three ingredients necessary for you to rediscover your natural state.

Increased activity; in other words you need to move around a lot! Whatever discipline you choose it must involve getting the heart beat up, building your muscles  and generating some sweat.

You must also choose to consume the right range and quantitiies of food and drink.

But of course you know that don't you? So the third ingredient is the most important.

There is a simple truth, if you are bigger than you'd like to be and struggle with getting around  then you probably eating far too much of all the wrong things and living a sedentary lifestyle. Nobody is forcing you to eat and certainly no one is actually preveting you from moving so you need a 'check  


up from the neck up and down. 80% of the challenge is in your own head and we know that people often need help rediscovering the mindset of a fit and active person and through our training options this is what we offer.

Personal Training or one to one mentor 

The remote one-to-one mentor

80% of the change you want to create is in your own head. Everyone who succeeds in whatever they choose to do in their life surrounds themselves with good people. They advise, offer suppor t and  when necessary apply gentle but firm pressure to ensure you do what you say you are going  to do. Adrian and Simon have both been where you probably intend to go and they 'get it'. They know all the techniques, disciplines and habits you have to adopt if you are going to succeed.

Our remote mentors are highly trained personal trainers who know what to do to help you both create your plan and then carry it out. To start you will complete an extensive personal assessment which becomes your start point. The remote mentor will then work with you  



EVERY WEEK either by phone, e-mail and social media to create a balanced fitness and diet plan.

And she will check that you are doing it!

Of course you might choose to work with them in the gym, on the road, in the park or even at home. Whatever your needs are we  wil find the right Remote Mentor and the right plan for you.    


Boot Camp taster day (Ready in 2015)


5 hours of the best nutritional and fitness advice with plenty of practical exercises to gently but firmly get you up and going and appreciate the joys of a balanced, nutritional diet.

You will start the day meeting Adrian who will share his story from being a massively overweight man to Maraton runner and inspiration to legions of people.

You will then be introduced to a range of exerices to improve your flexibilty, stamina and strength. We will always be very careful to ensure you do just enough suitable for your current condition. Your safelty is our number one concern.

In between the physical activities we have a range of talks aimed at helping you understand why and how the body works. People who are fit and healthy tend to know more about their body than those that don't. The more you understand your body the easier it is to make informed choices about how best to live your life.

After an active and information packed morning you will enjoy a relaxed and nuticious lunch with our team leading into your back home plan.

There is no accident that people who enjoy a fit and active lifestlyle have already designed the life they want to lead in their own head and commited themselve to living it every day. We will encourage you to plan what food and drink you will choose to consume and crucially how you will increase your physical activity.

You will leave with your own bespoke plan and goals to reach and then it's up to you to make it happen. Of course you may choose to continue to work with us. We will assign you a highly trained remote mentor or you can join us for our full 5-day Adrain's Boot Camp. 


 Bootcamp week




A full week at our secret location just outside Sudbury with our team of prefesionals. Look out for more information coming soon.


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