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Ady's tips number 3



Before I embarked on my 12 month journey I was far from being a perfect human specimen. This is fair description of who I was;


  • When I went swimming with the kids I forlornly tried to hold in my stomach in the vain hope that my reduced bulk would not attract dismissive expressions and murmurs from other swimmers

  • When engaging in just the easiest of exercises, like walking or climbing the stairs at home, my breathing would be labored

  • I regularly made feeble excuses for not playing out with my kids – (this really hurt)

  • I went to a theme park and was totally embarrassed as the attendants tried to forcibly squeeze me into a seat on a ride; they had to give up after several minutes much to the amusement of other visitors

  • I avoided doing things with smaller and fitter friends and family simply because I couldn't

How I saw myself back then was certainly not pretty.


When I set out on my journey back in early 2012 to rediscover the joys of being slim and fit I had one vision in mind which kept me going every day; crossing the line at the finish of the Virgin London Marathon in April 2013. When I completed it after just over 5 hours I don't mind sharing with you that I shed a tear. I looked back at how far physically and mentally I had come in just a year and quite naturally it was a very emotional moment.

In tip number 7 we'll look at the importance of setting yourself compelling goals that get you up and going but for now I would like you to spend a little time in your own mind dreaming about the person you want to become.

It is true that we become what we think about. The bigger and more vivid the vision of ourselves becomes then the more likely it will become a reality. So we are going to take an exciting peek into the future into what's in store for you when you enjoy a full, active and healthy life.

I won't be presumptuous to suggest that you want to follow what I did. However I am pretty sure that, if you don't enjoy these activities right now, you might like to consider these as a vision for the new you


  • Being proud to have your photograph taken and being on video including stripping off on the beach!

  • Doing everything active for as long as you like with your friends, family and especially the kids

  • Hanging out and enjoying the company of other positive, fit and healthy people

  • Realising that exercise, training and competing is as natural as eating, working and living a healthy family life

  • Regularly setting even more adventurous weight and diet related goals in the full knowledge that the journey to reach them will be a challenge, hard work and full of highs and the occasional lows. That's how life should be!  

If you'd like to see what kind of life I lead right now then please do visit my Facebook profile:


If you have studied the science known as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and/or hung around successful sports psychologists you will know that there are many techniques used by successful people the world over to condition their minds for success. In Ady's camps and one-to-ones we choose the right ones for you to help you condition your mindset and banish any self-doubts. We use techniques such as:


  1. STORYBOARD – picturing your unique journey to become the new you 

  2. TUNING THE ANTENNAE – noticing the things and people in your world which will help you along your journey

  3. MODELING SUCCESS – recognising that many people have already been where you are wishing to go and taking the time to adapt and adopt the way they think, believe and behave



Beware! This activity is huge fun and massively addictive!

Imagine what life would be like if you were a film/movie Director (if you are one then this will be pretty easy!). A Director will take a script or screenplay and turn this into his or her masterpiece. One of the first steps they will take is to story board the scenes in the film. These are normally drawings and cartoons created on a canvas arranged in a timeline sequence; nowadays of course much of this is done on computer. This allows the Director and his crew to visualise step-by-step each scene allowing their creativity and technical brilliance to bring each to life.

In your journey towards becoming a slimmer and fitter you will have your own storyboard which might contain pictures of the following;


  • Your first walk/jog/run

  • Purchasing/borrowing your training equipment

  • Your first visit to a gym/road/bike track/exercise class

  • Your first measuring session where you take a reality check – weight, body size, fitness level

  • Your first trip to see a specialist (it might be me Adrian Stohr!)

  • Running, swimming, cycling or something else with your friends

  • A trip to the shops to buy some new and smaller clothes

  • Running / cycling to work

  • Getting up an hour earlier and doing an early morning workout

  • Running /cycling /biking around with the kids

  • Your first competition

etc etc

The list can go on and on and it is all FROM YOUR OWN IMAGINATION! You choose who you want to become and the route map to get there!


So now you can Storyboard your own life from now to the time when you have rediscovered your ideal and natural weight and fitness. It really is that simple. All it requires is a little courage and creativity to give it a go.

But before I invite you to create your Storyboard I'd like to tell you about a brilliant episode of the hit US sitcom 'Friends.' It is 'The one where Phoebe runs'. In it we watch Phoebe running like a child and she encourages Rachel to do the same. Rachel initially resists as it looks silly and she's concerned what others might think. When eventually she succumbs to Phoebe's persuasion she realises that it's much more fun to act like a kid and they have a great time. The resulting TV show hilarious.

Click here for the episode.

The point is that when you getting back in shape you are going to look silly some of the time so get used to it! After all life through a kid's eyes is often a whole lot more fun than through an adult's!

So right now grab hold of some paper, pens and maybe some sports/clothing magazines, glue and a pair of scissors. On each piece of paper draw, write or glue pictures and words which describe each part of your journey moving forward.

Begin with taking a picture of yourself as the start point with your current weight written by the side. Then at the end of the Storyboard add another picture of the new you in the time frame you think is realistic. You might like to find a picture of some handsome svelte chap or lady you admire and place that picture as your end point. Even better if you have a picture of you when you were the shape and size you want to rediscover then use that. Now place a canvas for each of the months in between with a target weight you'd like to reach. Then each month have a 'weigh in and picture day' when you celebrate how far you've come. Make sure you write next to the target weight your actual weight. 

Storyboarding permits you to create a new reality and the more you imagine the new you the greater the chance that it will actually happen. Without it you may well let old images of the imperfect you populate your mind and as we said you become what you think about.  

Once you have created your storyboard put it in a prominent place and look at it every day. Add and modify as you see fit

Get others involved especially any kids who will be wonderfully imaginative and treat storyboarding as a brilliant game

Use lots of colour and add milestones e.g. how much you will weigh, how far and how long you want to run and the date it will happen.

Ask people you know who've been where you want to go what their story was.

Walk or cycle routes to want to run and even video them to get your brain used to the journeys you will complete. 

Now you have done it look at it with pride and feel the impetus grow inside you to want to go and make the story a reality. Because you know that you want to!


That's it for Ady's tip part 3

If you'd like some help accelerating your progress simply drop me a line. call me on 07886 587275 or visit and use the social media links to get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

And always remember



P.S. You may have someone in your family, a work colleague or good friend who might like a little nudge to get them up and going. Please invite them to join in at

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