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Adys top tips nu: 1



Thank you for clicking on my site - see, you've already made the first step to a healthier you!


This is the first of my tips on what to do to get yourself going. Many people think it's about joining a gym, going on a diet or some other nonsense. If you want to make a serious change you have to GET SERIOUS.


In a moment I am going to ask you two very serious questions and I would like you to think hard about the answers and write them down.


I have noticed that the people who make startling changes (and I guess I fall into that category) all have one thing in common. They make losing weight and rediscovering their ideal shape a compelling mission. It's like you have no choice in the matter so you HAVE to follow through and DO WHATEVER IT TAKES.


Here's three examples of people I know who have made massive, positive and SUSTAINED differences and found a significant trigger to get up, get going and go the distance. 


My mate Simon Bozeat was a big man and had been toying with returning to his ideal shape for a number of years. It wasn't until he saw four members of his family swim in the sea where he used to be a lifeguard a quarter of a century earlier that it hit home that a) he looked awful in comparison to their slim and fit shape and b) he couldn't do what he once was capable of. That was enough for Simon to take up the sport of triathlon and lose 5.5 stone in 10 months.


Sarah was once, by her own admission, obese. She needed an operation and the surgeon suggested that unless she lost 4 stone he could not operate on her. That was enough to get Sarah moving. The pounds came off, Sarah was fixed by the doctor and now she getting smaller by the day and is regular runner increasing her distances every week.


And lastly myself; my reason for the change was the certainty that quite literally if I didn't change I would have an early grave and the death of my Father would have been in vain. My new life is largely in honour of the man who I loved dearly and taught me to value every day above ground. All very profound and VERY REAL!


So here are your two questions and as I say I want you to really think about the answer, preferably write it down and maybe share your thoughts with friends and family.




Question 1


What genuine, real and authentic reasons do you have that will compel you to continuously get up, get going and go the distance? 




Question 2


What will you have to do to create the conditions by which you NEVER falter in your mission and keep going even when there are setbacks and the inevitable doubts creep in?




That's it for today's Ady's tip


Here are three more ways we can help you:





I or a member of my team would be delighted to share a brief conversation or on-line chat with you to find out where you are now, what's preventing you moving forward and what you want to achieve.






We run Ady's Camps where you will be immersed in a fun, supportive and inspiring environment with the sole purpose of helping you make changes to your diet and activity.  







I would be delighted to address an audience of good people you know who might find my story a source of inspiration, education and practical 'things to do' to help you get up, get going and go the distance.


Contact me now, simply click on our contacts page.


Bye for now


Adrian Stohr

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