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I have shared with you my mind-set to change and the focus to push yourself beyond your limits to get the very best out of what you are doing to get where you want to be in weight loss and training. All these elements to train hard and train well is ok but as the clocks go back and the nights draw in for some the deepness of depression and the comfort of your sofa seems more appealing than running outside or going into the poor cold and wet weather to visit your local gym may just take a toll on you, you may start to feel beat and want to break until summer is back, No way time to man up chaps because the winter is tough but for all you London Marathon runners it’s the most important time to train so let’s go back 12 months when I was in my toughest of training, As many know from my profile depression is a demand I thought hard to beat and nothings more depressing than being alone and forced to train in the dark and in the poor weather.

There is a answer to this and that is to find a training buddy, someone who wants to lose a little weight or get fit or even both, what way to help and support each other than to train together I went running with a friend I met on the London Marathon forum who lived near me who also was running the London marathon for the first time too and not forgetting my good friend Richard Jacques who train by my side and supported me to lose weight in my most challenging months, Training with a buddy is great I found running with my friends chatting away and helping them to push through the wall and them helping me when I found it tough was a great way to going the distance.

So guys if you are getting the winter blues look for a training buddy for running in those dark evenings or early mornings or better still join a gym together where you can support each other, we must remember though you don’t have to join a gym or a club to be healthy or get fit, all you have to do is open that front door and step outside that’s how easy it truly is and with a running buddy you will have the encouragement to help each other get up get going and most of all go the distance.

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