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Meet the team and Testimonials 


'Meet the Team'


My journey has giving me the opportunity to help others to like I did rediscover themselves just I did, I have been busy bringing core people together to develop a range of services to help you rediscover the person you once were and wish to be. The Adys Journey boot camp and remote coaching options will enable you to choose a healthier and fitter life style; just as nature intended!  It is our passion and we are here to help you. 


My journey of future challenges of 2014 has further been inspired by the huge amount of response from around the uk who has got up got going and is now going the distance because they have been inspired by me, this has been priceless for me and so my journey continues with a team behind me we can help you reach your goals and become your own success story, allow me to share my journey with you by joining us now and 2017 I am still going with the need after falling back into my dark side I will lose two stone to run the Brighton Marathon seven days later I will be running the Virgin London Marathon and a Tandem Skydive on the cards, I will then be running the Morrison Great North Run. Sometimes we have to go back to basics as I have reminded myself of where my Journey started.

My Journey ended this year with completing my fifth London Marathon only to walk the second half due to a injury in my leg but my determination to keep going was strong to the finish. Now I look for a new challenge to change my training methods as the dark side of me creeps up my weight does too and so I have to change my path of life by taking on my next big challenge that will take on more training and eating the right stuff with a gollop of positive mental attitude!!

Company Director/ Weight Loss Mentor
Adrian Stohr
Adrian Stohr



 I am everything we are trying to acheive, bootcamps to help others acheive the same as me and more.

I am here to visit your group for a talk on my journey, I am here to motivate and to inspire you to acheive your weight loss goal, I am here to mentor you to get the best out of you, I will if you want change you for a better you.


Its all about lifestyle change, You just need to learn and educate yourself on how to get there.


Simon Bozeat


Business advisor/mentor


  During the Olympic year Simon went on his own personal weight loss and fitness journey shedding 5.5 stone in less than a year. He took up triathlon and now can be seen running, swimming and cycling all over the place! Simon's inspirational story was featured in the leading Triathlon magazine: 'Triathlon Plus'.

Simon is heading towards his middle years and is keen to help people 'of a certain age' rediscover the joys of a healthy, fit and active lifestyle.


 It is with Great sadness Simon passed away in Febuary 2015  but his vision and memory will always be a part of Adys Journey

Simon was also the author of my book about my life that unfortunately continues to stay unpublished for now.

Hi Ady

Thank you so much for giving selflessly of your time to mentor my son.  Will had been feeling down, and comfort eating for some time, when you came along and set in motion the momentum he needed to get back into shape and good health. Inspired by your motivational story, he has lost an amazing 2 and a half stone!  We, his mum and dad, have joined him in his weight loss journey and between the 3 of us we've shed 6 stone in 3 months and there will be no going back!  You are so right - wellbeing is everything, and we owe it to our loved ones to look after our own health!

Ady, I can't thank you enough.  What we love about you is your determination to share your own experience for the benefit of others, and there's no better thing any human being can do.

Wishing you all the best in your ventures,

Linda x

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