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Ady's tips no: 2


12 fully researched and proven ways to help you get up, get going and go the distance

Welcome back!

I hope that in part one you took the time to really think about the answers to the two questions I posed. It is critical that you have a set of compelling reasons to motivate you to get up and get going again and again. Without an emotional 'pull' it is so easy to make excuses to not do what's necessary. Certainly the doubts may creep in especially in the early stages of your own journey when 'all this diet and fitness stuff' might not seem to be any fun at all!  

In this edition I'll give you a head's up on what I'll be sending you in the coming weeks and months. Since I began this extraordinary transformation in my physical and mental state I have recorded all the important parts of what has become known as 'Ady's Journey'. I have put them together to help you motivate yourself to get up, get going and go the distance. What you will receive is not just my views, they are the product of a huge amount of considered research.

In my younger days I was extremely fit and active but, as you know, I lost my way for too many years and thank fully rediscovered the joy of a full and active lifestyle. I have read books and articles from informed people and observed what people do to make massive, positive and sustained changes in their physical and emotional wellbeing.

So let's take you through what we have in store for you and finish with Ady's tip number 2.

Ady's tip number 1
Finding a compelling set of reasons to get up, get going and go the distance.
Two essential questions to build build the compelling NEED to change

Ady's tip number 2
80% of it is in your head so ditch the excuses and start working on your mindset.

There really is no such thing as "can't”; there is only "won't” or "will not”. It's the "I will” that will push you into a healthier and more positive life; a life we all desire, need and deserve.
I will offer you a rapid self-assessment to switch off the negative self-talk and consider what's possible. We offer you the top 17 excuses made by people who have chosen to live a sedentary lifestyle and eat an excess of unhealthy food. And guess what? - they are all pretty much made up fantasy.

Ady's tip number 3
Doing what comes naturally, the vision of the perfect you

What we will do together is not a diet, workout or a race; it is a positive, permanent and maybe overdue change in LIFESTYLE and a return to your NATURAL state.  We'll take an exciting peek into the future into what's in store for you when you enjoy a full, active and healthy life.

Ady's tip number 4
Surround yourself with the right people

Until now if a fit, healthy and active lifestyle is something that has eluded you then chances are you are hanging around unhealthy and unfit people. We will examine the 3 types of people who you NEED to surround yourself with who will give you all the support you need to get up and get going. I also suspect that once you get active you will inspire the ones you used to hang around with to follow your lead to get up, get going and most importantly go the distance.

Ady's tip number 5
First things first; get smaller first then get active

A change in lifestyle means changing your habits. Both what you choose to consume and what you choose to do with your body every day. We have been given the gift of an amazing thing; a living and breathing body to inhabit; so it's up to us what we choose to do with it. 

Ady's tip number 6
Choose your discipline

Being active is the natural way to live. We'll take a look at three of the most common activities; running, cycling and swimming. Ultimately the choice is yours and let's makes it fun!

Ady's tip number 7
Set your health and fitness goals and measure, measure, measure!

Nothing really ever happens until you set yourself a goal so make it a good one and when you've set it make sure you measure your progress towards achieving it

Ady's tip number 8
Building the 'perfect' 3 to 6 month training and expenditure plan

Anyone who get's serious about changing their lifestyle writes down a plan and then studiously follows it. We'll supply you with a template to create a plan to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. 

Ady's tip number 9
Understanding the body

One of the most important pieces of advice I have ever received was this; 'Ady don't just go on a diet or just exercise, do understand how the body works'. When you know what you are doing and why you are doing it then you can make better lifestyle choices by mixing the two together. I look at this as the power of balance to achieve the best of results. 

Ady's tip number 10
Get up and get going One Lamp Post at a time

My good friend Simon Bozeat will share this wonderful metaphor and inspiring stories for people who just need a little help to take that all important first step towards a fitter and healthier life,

Ady's tip number 11
When fitness becomes a habit; the tipping point and the inevitable setbacks

Anyone who makes a dramatic shift from a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle to healthy eating and fully active will tell you about the tipping point where one day everything came together and they really began to enjoy this new life. We'll also examine typical setbacks and what to do when they occur. 

Ady's tip number 12
The joy of inspiring others

One of the joys of my own journey is the knowledge that so many people have witnessed my own endeavors and been truly inspired. Not only have they contributed to my chosen charity they have got up and got going themselves and encouraged others to do the same. We'll look at how your own journey will inspire others and how they, in turn, will inspire you to take on bigger challenges.    

Ady's tip - Bonus number 1
My top ten recommendations on what to consume every day and why

I have researched and interviewed some of the leading nutritionists and dieticians in the UK and abroad and in this bonus edition I'll pass on their pearls of wisdom about what to consume, when and why.

Ady's tip - Bonus number 2
My top ten recommendations on what to do with your body every day and why

As in Bonus number 1 I have researched and interviewed some of the leading fitness and sports trainers and therapists to seek their advice on how to lead a full, safe and active life.

Ady's tip - Bonus number 3
My top ten recommendations on what to do with your head every day and why

And finally we go right back to the start in the full knowledge that it all starts with the head and your mindset. I have spent some time researching and listening to leading sports psychologists to learn and understand what it takes to continually get up, get going and go the distance.      


Ady's tip number 2
80% of it is in your head so ditch the excuses and start working on your mindset

When we talk about mindset we are really talking about the dialogue we have inside our own heads. We become what we choose to believe and our beliefs are governed by the meaning we attach to our experiences. When I was 8 stone bigger than I am now the beliefs I had about myself, food and fitness weren't particularly helpful. Often we betray our beliefs by what we think and say.

These are 7 thoughts I used to share with myself and others:


  1. 'It doesn't matter how big I am'

  2. 'I'll eat what I flipping well like and no one is going to tell me any different'

  3. 'All that so called healthy food will never fill me up and what's more it tastes crap'

  4. 'I haven't got time to make myself healthy food even if I could be bothered'  

  5. 'Fast food tastes great'

  6. 'Being big sends a message to anyone who wants to mess with me'

  7. (And the classic)  'Yeah I know I'm a little overweight and out of shape I'll get round to doing something about it someday'  

Add to this my ignorance of the perils of a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle and it is easy to see why I had ballooned to 24 1/2 stone.

"Our beliefs are like unquestioned commands, telling us how things are, what's possible and what's impossible, what we can and cannot do. They shape every action, every thought, and every feeling that we experience. As a result, changing our belief systems is central to making any real and lasting change in our lives." 
— Anthony Robbins, Awaken the Giant Within, p. 24 

Well that was me and in future editions of Ady's tips you'll notice what I now believe. 
But what about you? what do you believe right now?

Here's 17 common fitness and diet excuses and unhelpful dialogue. Do any apply to you?


  • 'I've tried before to get in shape and change my diet but I always fail'

  • 'I haven't got the time'

  • 'I love my food and to be honest I don't want to change my diet or do any exercise'

  • 'All this fitness stuff looks too much like hard work'

  • 'I'm OK as I am'

  • 'I have bad genes and big bones; being big runs in the family'

  • 'The NHS, (doctors, nurses, gym, fitness/diet specialists etc) haven't found the right solution/drug/fitness regime that suits me '

  • 'I have a slow metabolism' (But I have a fast diet!)

  • 'I have no willpower, if I start I know I'll give up'

  • 'I overeat rubbish food when I am stressed'

  • 'My family have poor eating habits'

  • 'I'll wait until after Christmas (Easter, Summer, Winter etc ) before I start'

  • 'My mates will take the mickey' (they wont when you're in hospital having suffered with a coronary and/or type 2 diabetes )

  • 'All this fitness and training equipment, gym membership and a new wardrobe will cost too much'

  • 'I'm too old'

  • 'It's all going to be too hard and I can't change'

  • 'I'm fat and unfit and proud of it'


It will not come as any surprise to you to realise that all of these excuses hold no water. People who hold any of these beliefs have effectively given up control of their own lives and passed responsibility for their poor lifestyle to others. The truth is anyone can rediscover their natural state at any time in their life after all we all at some point in our lives ran around a lot and were the perfect weight for our age.

Here's three beliefs I discovered about myself which now serve me well.


  1. You can achieve just about anything if you are truly committed

  2. Being fit and slim is a whole lot more fun than the alternative

  3. Nothing ever happens until you set yourself a big and scary goal  

In future editions of Ady's tips you will read more of my beliefs. You will also have the opportunity to share your own thoughts with my own. Perhaps by understanding how my mindset changed in 12 months you will appreciate what makes a person who once chose the wrong path finally get up, get going and go the distance; one lamppost at a time.

I hope together we can tune your mind to get up, get going and go the distance to a healthy active life.

Adrian Stohr 

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